If you are a Lancaster University user, you may login here:

Avoid having to verify your email address,
and drop-off files to anyone.

Anyone may perform the following activities:

Drop-off (upload) a file for a Lancaster University user (email verification required).
Pick-up (download) a file dropped-off for you.


ZendTo is a secure file transfer service available to Lancaster University staff. This service will make it easier to transfer files, up to 2GB in size, in and out of the University.

Staff can: People external to the University can: You can transfer Ordinary, Confidential, Restricted and Personal information with ZendTo to the relevant people. This method of sharing files is more secure than emails because: The table below summaries the encryption required when sending different information classifications to people inside and outside of the University:
Sending InternallySending Externally
OrdinaryNo encryption requiredNo encryption required
ConfidentialNo encryption required*Encryption required
RestrictedNo encryption required*Encryption required
PersonalNo encryption required*Encryption required

* ZendTo keeps files out of email and keeps the files safe during transmission. If you need to save the files you receive, save them to central file store (our secure University network) and ensure they are not saved on the actual computer. If you intend on transferring sensitive personal data, you can encrypt the file before adding it into ZendTo for an extra layer of protection (Search Encryption in LancasterAnswers for step by step instructions on encryption).

When a recipient picks up a file(s), the sender receives an email stating the file has been collected and which computer was used to collect it.

ZendTo is accessible via any internet browser and is located on our own secure server.

ZendTo is currently in Beta version.